Gebelux s.a. - Flex-O-Cab - Conditions générales
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Main Sales Conditions

1. To oblige our company, all order has to be confirmed by our office.
2. We take all provisions to respect delivery terms and could not be charged of any delay payment.
3. In case of non-payment at the due date, We reserve ourselves the right to consider the sales as resolved in good right and without exhortation. Goods remains our property till entire payment. Risks are in charge of the buyers. Deposit paied could be kept as amends.
4. Delay in delivery can not, in any way, give rise to cancel out the order.
5. Goods are sended at the risks of the addressee.
6. Any complaint, to be valid, has to be made writen to Gebelux s.a. at least in the 5 days following the reception of the goods.
7. Bills have to be paied to Gebelux s.a. Any abandon is made to this right by signing a draft on the buyer.
8. Our agents or representatives have not the authority to accept the amount of the bill except specific stipulation.
9. Any amount unpaied at the due date gives right to interest at the discount rate given by the National Bank at the date of the bill for the promesses and drafts not bank resident, raised by 2 %.
10. When the buyer's credit get worse, we reserve ourselves the right, even after partly execution, to ask from the buyer all garanties that we may juged correct in order to continue the work. Refuse give us the right to cancel all or a part of the market.
11. Bills have to be paied at the indicated due date; if not so, the bill gives right to an interest of one and a halve times the legal interest rate, without exhortation; and worse, in case of  non payement of a bill at the due date, a contractual and forfaitair indemnity of 10% of the bill 's amount with a minimum of 38 €.
12. In case of contesting, the Courts in Liège are only competent. (For export : In case of contesting, the Courts of Liège or the Courts of the place of residence of the buyer, at the choice of the buyer, are competent).
13. Except if written otherwise, our bills are to be paied at 30 days bill 's date.
14. Risk of change is in charge of the buyer.
15. The non-payement of one bill at the due date gives right to require the remaining amount on all the other bills, even if they do not reach the due date.